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What is the wide application of H-beam


H-beam is a kind of structural material which is widely used in building, bridge, road and other civil engineering construction. H-beam has good welding performance, hot and cold pressure processing performance and corrosion resistance. Let the H-beam manufacturer introduce the production method of H-beam for you.

H-beam can be produced by welding or rolling. Welding H-section steel is to cut the strip with appropriate thickness into appropriate width, and weld the flange and web together in the continuous welding unit. Welding H-beam has many disadvantages, such as large metal consumption, not easy to ensure uniform product performance and limited size. Therefore, H-beam is mainly produced by rolling. In modern rolling production, universal mill is used to roll H-beam. The web of H-beam is rolled between the upper and lower horizontal rolls, while the flange is rolled between the horizontal roll side and vertical roll at the same time. Because only universal rolling mill can not press the flange edge end, so it is necessary to set the edge rolling end machine behind the universal stand, commonly known as edge rolling machine, so as to press the flange edge end and control the flange width.

When H-beam is rolled by universal rolling mill, the cross section of the rolled piece can be extended more evenly, the speed difference between the inner and outer roll surfaces of the flange is smaller, and the internal stress and the defects on the shape of the product can be reduced. Different specifications of H-beam can be obtained by changing the reduction of horizontal roll and vertical roll of universal mill. The roll shape of universal rolling mill is simple in shape and long in service life, and the consumption of roll can be greatly reduced. The great advantage of universal rolling mill for H-beam is that only the thickness of web and flange in the same size series changes, and the dimensions of other parts are fixed.

In the case of no universal mill, sometimes in order to meet the urgent need of production and construction, the common two high mill can be added with vertical roll frame to form a universal pass for H-beam rolling. In this way, H-beam is rolled with low dimensional accuracy. It is difficult to form right angle between flange and web. It has high cost and few specifications. It is very difficult to roll H-beam for column, so there are not many users.



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