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Use of H-beam


Because H-beam has many advantages that other building structures do not have, it has a great development prospect in the construction industry. Today, I will introduce the unique advantages of H-beam workshop.

High strength: H-beam is stronger than other traditional structures, such as concrete structure and brick concrete structure, as well as wood structure. Under the same design conditions, H-shaped steel members are light in weight and relatively small in cross-section. H-shaped steel is especially suitable for long-span buildings. We have seen that almost all large-scale plant projects are H-shaped steel plants.

Light weight: under the same scale, the quality of H-beam steel factory building frame is only 1 / 4 to 1 / 3 of the weight of concrete. If it is a cold-formed thin-walled steel roof frame, it can even reach 1 / 10. This light weight can reduce the force of earthquake action, so the H-shaped steel workshop has seismic performance.

Good plasticity and toughness: the raw material of H-shaped steel workshop is steel. The internal structure of steel is very uniform, nearly isotropic, with good plasticity and toughness, and it will not break suddenly due to external force, such as earthquake and other natural disasters.

Industrialization: H-beam plant has the characteristics of industrialization. The construction process of H-beam is usually to make and produce all the required components in the factory, and then transport them to the site for assembly. Industrialization can also make the quality of H-beam accurately controlled and improve the safety performance of H-beam.

Energy saving and environmental protection: why is H-beam plant considered as an energy-saving and environmental protection building? People familiar with the building know that H-beam is the representative of green building, and the color steel sandwich board used in H-beam plant house is also an energy-saving building material. Another embodiment of green environmental protection is the use of drying work in the construction of the whole H-beam to avoid environmental pollution caused by the wet structure of concrete. Http://zw.tslinchuan.cn/ Tangshan Linchuang commerce Co., Ltd



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