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What are the basic requirements


What are the basic requirements for the production of H-beam

The application of H-beam production line in welding operation is becoming more and more unusual, so it is a special problem to accurately use the H-beam production line. The use of sophisticated habits can not only advance the use of life, but also produce the same solution, making the product more exquisite and perfect. Therefore, H-beam production line is intended to dominate, and pay attention to what it is right for?

Let's introduce H-beam production line according to the difference of H-beam production line precision (filtering out invasive impurity particles), select thick H-beam production line, general H-beam production line, fine H-beam production line and four fine H-beam production line equipment, the difference can be filtered out to more than 100 microns, 10-100 microns, 5-10 microns impurities, 1-5 microns clear. Note: when selecting the oil filter, the following points should be considered: the accuracy of H-beam production line should meet the saving requirements.

Have satisfactory activity ability in a long time. The filter element is satisfactory and firm. H-shaped steel will not be damaged due to hydraulic application. The filter element has excellent corrosion resistance and can be used for durability under the principle of temperature. Clean or transform the filter element. Therefore, the filter should be selected according to the technical requirements of the hydraulic system and the requirements of H-beam production line, such as precision, flow personnel, professional pressure, oil viscosity, professional temperature, etc. ....



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